Micropsi Secures $30M in Series B Funding led by Metaplanet

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The successful completion of Micropsi Industries‘ $30 million Series B investment round was announced. The funding is co-led by Metaplanet, VSquared and Ahren Innovation Capital. micropsi 30m metaplanet 45mwiggersventurebeat. The business offers pre-built artificial intelligence (AI) systems for managing industrial robots, enabling the automation of hitherto unautomatable production processes. Humans can teach robots employing Micropsi … Read more

Molecula raised $17.6M in Series A Funding led by Drive Capital

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The enterprise feature store, Molecula specializing in machine analysis and AI, finalized a $17.6 million deal. This deal came at the end of a Series A funding round, culminating in a total budget of $ 23.6 million. Drive Capital orchestrated the funding round that also saw TTV Capital and its current investors participate. molecula ai … Read more

Bird to Double Its Size in Europe with a $150 Million Expansion Plan

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Bird, a shared micro-mobility start-up, announced that it is investing $150 million in a European expansion plan. This plan includes more than 50 cities in the year. It will help double the footprint in the region. Countries like Spain, Bergen, Spain, Palermo, Italy, Norway, Tarragona already have a growth plan for the scooters underway. Bird … Read more

Third Wave Automation receives $40M from Norwest Venture Partners

third wave automation 40m series norwest

Third Wave Automation recently secured a strategic agreement with Toyota Industries Corporation to develop an autonomous forklift, and it has since secured an additional $40 million from investors. According to a Form D submitted to authorities, the California-based business, which was launched in 2018, has secured $40 million in a Series B round headed by … Read more

Court orders Waymo to keep Robotaxi Safety from DMV

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Waymo is an independent driving arm of Alphabet that won in its decision to keep a few details of the Audio Visual technology used by them. This one was granted to them by the California Court recently. This company filed a lawsuit against the California Department of Motor Vehicles earlier in January to maintain some … Read more