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Colony 5

 Colony 5 is a Swedish futurepop/synthpop/EBM band founded in March 1999. P-O Svensson started the band as a hobby with Magnus Löfdahl. The music style has changed with group membership and their sound became more consistent. They have toured through Europe - Denmark, Russia, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Poland, Norway, Estonia as well as the United States, and Mexico.In 2002 Magnus Kalnins join the band.The band is now one of the most successfull bands in the scene with 5 albums and a lot of fans all over the world.

11 years since you create the band 5 releases so far ,tour all over the world ,nominations to Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards 2006  for Best Band and Best Song which you won,gain a lot of fans all over the world.Are your dreams fulfilled so far?
Yes but we created new dreams during this time so there is still plenty of reasons to continue.
You change from album to album you put new ideas.Is this something you plan or it comes naturally?
I guess you have a desire to develop or change your sound always, and then you try to produce the songs for the album in roughly the same sound so it's a coherent theme. That's why when there is a new album,there is a new recipe.
"Fixed"is your most succesfull album so far?
I think that is a good album and I'm very pleased with it. But I can't really say it's the best, I think Buried Again is 1% better :) But FIXED has some of my favourite C5 songs on it.
You are working on a new release this days. Can you give us more details?
Yes, we will try to have it out by this year. As usual we don't have any deadline so we will work on the songs until we're done with them.It's no point for us releasing something we don't want in our history as the albums doesn't put the bread on the table for us. We have other jobs and do this only because we love it and would explode if we didn't get to do it!
This year you will play in a lot of festivals .Do you prefer big festivals from small c lubs  and what is the difference?
We only did festivals for a while and though it's awesome with these big professional venues. Big stage, big sound and a big crowd. But then going back to play small and friendly clubs, having a party together with the friends in the audience was really fun. Now we have done that for a while and again it was like a vitamin-injection to go and play the big festivals again.
What inspires you the most?
I can't pick out one thing actually. There is just an urge in your chest to do it, to create something. The inspiration can be anything from pure technology, new instruments or a severe thunderstorm stirring up something in the atmosphere or the smell when you blow out a candle. It can also be MTV, you hear The Black Eyed Peas and you think that someone should do some real music instead of that retarded  crap.
What makes a band successfull?Is it only hard work?
I think it's a combination of Luck, Timing and Talent.
Are there any new bands that you like?
I personally love Marina and the Diamonds. Fantastically full of fantasy, and she has no rules which I admire. It's all over the place but always with a beautiful melody and interesting lyrics.
A message to all the people that support you all these years?
Ladies and Gentlemen, we hope you have as much fun as we. And that our relationship continues :)
Thank you very much for the interview
No problem
Best Regards
Kalnins - Colony 5

Kostas Sotiriou

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